Education Governance Review Responses

The Scottish Government has published the results of the Education Governance Review consultation that ran from September 2016 to January 2017 – “Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity – a Governance Review: An analysis of consultation responses“.

You can read the published analysis by tapping or clicking here.

The text below is taken from the Scottish Government’s webpage, ‘Education Governance and Review‘.

“On 15 June 2017, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney, MSP, launched ‘Education Governance: Next Steps – Empowering Our Teachers, Parents and Communities to Delivery Excellence and Equity for Our Children’.

Scotland has good schools and great teachers but our ambition is to build a consistently excellent education system which delivers for all our children. We are determined to create an education system which ensures that every child achieves the highest standards in literacy and numeracy, with the right range of skills, qualifications and achievements to enable them to seize the opportunity to succeed.  Current evidence shows while our system has many strengths there are also weaknesses and we must improve performance.

This paper sets out our work to fully deliver bold but necessary reform to Scottish education.  The purpose of that reform is to drive improvement and to enable our education system to realise our ambition of excellence and equity for all.

P7-S1 Transition Arrangements 2017

P7 3 day Transition visit to Tynecastle High School: 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2017
P7 Parents’ / Carers’ Information Evening Wednesday 21st June 2017, 6-7pm

Dear Parent / Carer

I am writing to welcome you and your child to Tynecastle High School. The move from Primary to Secondary is an important and exciting one and arrangements for your child’s transition to our school are now well under way.

Our soon to be new S1 students take part in our fun day on Monday 19th June 2017 – brilliant weather and a great day! (Photo thanks to @ActiveSchoolsED)

These arrangements have been discussed at meetings involving myself, Ms Kinnear, Head Teacher of Tynecastle High School, members of our Student Support team, along with the Head Teachers and P7 teachers at your child’s Primary School. I have also been visiting each cluster primary school in May to speak to the pupils with the aim of starting to answer their many questions about their move to High School.

Student Support and Support for Learning staff have also met the P7 teachers during the month of May to ensure that we have all of the relevant information about your child to enable them to have a successful three-day transition visit in June and to make the best possible start at High School.

Our Transition Week arrangements are as follows:

Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday22nd June
All P7 pupils attend Tynecastle High School from 8.30 until 3pm. Students will be expected to make their own way to Tynecastle High School as part of the transition preparation. The P7 pupils should wear their primary uniform and bring a pen and pencil. Students will be allocated to their permanent tutor group and will follow that class timetable for the three days. They will be able to experience their new subjects and meet their new teachers and also all of their new classmates. In addition, they will be able to meet their Support for Pupils teachers and generally experience life at High School. Classes will be accompanied by senior students known as ‘Buddies’ to support them during their visit.

Break/ lunch times
Students will not be allowed out of the school premises at break or lunch time during their three-day transition visit. They should bring a snack with them for break time if they wish. At lunch time, students can bring a packed lunch or buy a £2.50 lunch meal deal from the canteen. If your child receives free school meals at the moment, then this will be available here.

P7 Parents’ / Carers’ Information Evening Wednesday 21st June, 6-7pm
We believe strongly that the school-home partnership is of the utmost importance. As part of this partnership, we would like to invite you to a meeting of parents / carers of all new first years on Wednesday 21st June from 6-7pm here at Tynecastle High School. At this meeting you will be able to find out about the strong ethos of attainment and achievement we have here and the high quality school experience we can offer your child.

We are proud of the fact that our state of the art school is an innovative, inclusive and welcoming place to learn and look forward to sharing with you how we will enable your child to fulfill their potential in every aspect of their school life.

We very much look forward to meeting you at the P7 Parents’ & Carers’ Information Evening on Wednesday 21st June at 6pm.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Jacquie Ramsay
Depute Head Teacher S1/2/3