Samantha Wallace

Instrumental Teachers
D Arthur
Mary Docherty
Gordon Ferries
M Halyburton
John Rodger
K Rigg
R Rowe
Hazel Morrison
S Sievwright

S1/2 – Curriculum for Excellence
S3,4,5,6 – NQ Courses

Music Qualifications Summarised by National Parent Forum of Scotland…
National 4 Music and National 4 Music Technology
National 5 Music and National 5 Music Technology
Higher Music and Higher Music Technology

We operate a positive teaching environment where each student in S1 and S2 is strongly encouraged to fulfil his or her maximum potential. There is positive encouragement for students to be the best that they can be at all stages.

Major Achievements
Many students do well in SQA exams. Lots of Music students remain loyal to the school and return to play in concerts after they’ve left school.

We are fortunate to have nine visiting instrumental teachers who offer instruction in a variety of instruments. The department is resourced to enable delivery of a Curriculum for Excellence in music and is equipped with five MIDI workstations, keyboards, drumkits, guitars and tuned percussion instruments.

S1 and S2 follow a Curriculum for Excellence. The curriculum is concept based and is taught through the three elements of Performing, Composing and Listening.

S3,4,5 and 6 follow National Qualification Guideline Courses. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own progress and work much more on their own.

Extra Curricular Activities
School Orchestra/Band
Guitar Group
Vocal Group
Departmental Website
Homework and revision material on GLOW
Recording Studio Club

Music – What Can I Do Next?