Foundation Apprenticeships

Learning Reviews (and course choice) will take place soon for S4 and S5 Students; this letter lets you know more about Foundation Apprenticeships, which are a great option for many students.

Foundation Apprenticeships for Pupils Entering S5 or S6

In partnership with Skills Development Scotland – the national skills agency – I’m writing to parents and carers of young people going into S5 and S6 about a new qualification open to school pupils in this age range.

A Foundation Apprenticeship is designed to provide young people with real experience of the world of work, whilst gaining a qualification at the same level as a Scottish Higher (SCQF 6). It usually counts as one option choice and it’s taken alongside other S5 and S6 subjects. The young person spends time in a real workplace, helping them develop new skills and gain experience.

Assessment takes place as you go, so there’s no final exam. Time spent on placement gives technical workplace knowledge, and can help build confidence, communication and teamwork skills.

A growing number of Foundation Apprenticeships are available in Edinburgh in 2019, covering eleven different job types and career pathways, including Early Learning and Childcare, Engineering, Financial Services, Digital Media and Technology, Health and Social Care.

A Foundation Apprenticeship may directly support your child’s post-school choices:

  • If your child is planning to enter the world of work, Foundation Apprenticeships can offer an opportunity to impress local employers, gain relevant experience and try their preferred career before leaving school.
    • If they’re planning to undertake a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship a Foundation Apprenticeship could help them get a foot in the door with an employer, whilst the skills and experience they gain could help them fast-track through part of their MA or GA.
    • If they’re planning to go into higher or further education, Foundation Apprenticeships are recognised by every college and university in Scotland. As well as gaining credits towards their preferred course, they will gain experience which could help them stand out from the crowd in personal statements and interviews. It could also help inform their choice of course and career.

Parents who wish to find out more are invited to visit Skills Development Scotland’s website. It has further information on how Foundation Apprenticeships work and types that are available in your school. Please also see the link to Edinburgh College below, where there are more details of foundation apprenticeships

Your son or daughter can register their interest online and their details will be passed on to your qualified school careers advisor who can discuss their options further. Your child’s Pupil Support Leader or Depute Headteacher with responsibility for S5/6 curriculum will also be able to advise about the range of Foundation Apprenticeship options and the application process.

Lorna Sweeney
Service Manager, Schools and Lifelong Learning


Apple Distinguished School Award

Today, in North America, it is Digital Learning Day. (In Scotland we celebrate National Digital Learning Week in May so look out for upcoming events…) Digital learning plays an essential part in the life of Tynecastle High School where students and staff make effective and innovative use of digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching. We’ve released a new book in the Apple Book Store detailing many of the ways our students and staff use digital learning. You can view or download our book by tapping on this link on any iOS device.

Our new book was also part of our application to be re-recognised as an Apple Distinguished School, a recognition we are delighted to have achieved again, and in fact the only school in Scotland to hold it at this time. This is down to the fantastic work our students and staff do to make sure we improve and innovate wherever possible to achieve the best outcomes for learning. Our use of digital technologies and our 1:1 Digital Learning programme is one of the ways in which we do this. It is exciting to continue to be a part of this global community and learn from and share practice with school across the world.

Opportunities to experience what digital learning looks like at Tynecastle will be available for parents and carers nearer Digital Learning Week in May 2019.

World Sleep Day – Save the Date

Save the date! Join us on World Sleep Day – Tuesday 12th March from 6:15pm – 7:30pm where we’ll be exploring Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with our Place2Be Project Manager Sarah Haywood. World Sleep Day is an annual, global call to action about the importance of healthy sleep. More details about our school event to follow…