Panto 2016 tickets now on sale

Panto 2016 PosterThis year’s school Panto is ‘Once Upon a Time‘, a traditional show telling a story that involves lots of our favourite characters!

Performances are at 7pm on the evenings of Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 December, with tickets available from the school office: £5 for adults and £3 for children, students and concessions. Come along and enjoy the fun!

Performance Showcase Success!

Our first ever Performance Showcase, held on Wednesday 15th June and part of the Sharing Secrets Festival, a week-long celebration of creativity and art in the Gorgie/Dalry Community, was a huge success!

The packed Assembly Hall saw 3 x 30 minute slots crammed with music, gymnastics, dance and drama from students across Tynecastle and all four of our Cluster Primaries – Balgreen, Craiglockhart, Dalry and Stenhouse.

Alongside the action we had our Design Faculty showcasing a variety of student Art and Design and CDT work, and some of the best cupcakes ever produced at THS! All of this was topped off with a Parent Council BBQ and raffle – with over 30 prizes! The evening was a fantastic occasion for parents, family and friends to witness what takes place at Tynecastle High School.

A massive Thank You to all students, parents and staff for playing their role in what was the start of an annual event showcasing the array of talent within the school. Please have a look at some of the photographs from the night in the gallery below.

Mr Andy Enwood
Acting Curriculum Leader, Performance Faculty

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