SQA Exam Arrangements and Meaningful May 2018

As ever, this part of the school session is a busy and important one for our senior phase students, with SQA exams and Meaningful May both beginning on Monday 30 April.

Each student has received an individualised timetable detailing their day-to-day arrangements from 30 April until 4 June.  For those sitting SQA exams, there is also an SQA exam timetable, and details of special arrangements as appropriate.  Do bear in mind that there is lots of information to support students in the Study Skills and SQA sections of our website.

Please look over these documents with your son or daughter, and become familiar with the important dates and timings for your family.  Be sure to contact us here at school should you require any further clarification or advice. We wish our students the very best with their exams.

We also look forward to working with those who will be attending Meaningful May, our bespoke and exciting programme for those in S4 and S5 who are sitting three or fewer Nat 5 exams.  The programme begins at 9.30am on Monday 30 April, and students should arrive in good time, and with iPads ready.  Meaningful May runs from 9-30 – 2.30pm Mondays to Thursdays, and 9-11am on Fridays until Thursday 31 May. Please note that all students must continue to wear school uniform.

Students who are returning to S5 or S6 will return to school on Friday 1 June to participate in our Induction Programme – further details to follow.

In regard to our S6 students who will be leaving us, we look forward to the S6 Prom which takes place on Friday 22 June.

I’m sure we all anticipate a very happy and successful summer term for our senior phase students.  SQA exam results will be published on Tuesday 7 August.

Angela Bell
Depute Head Teacher S4-6

S5 and S6 Course Information 2018-2019

Dear Parent/Carer

Students in S4 and S5 are about to make their course choices in our Senior Phase for the session 2018-2019. The course choice booklet is available to view by clicking here. Course choice sheets will be issued in school this week.

Your child should return their signed course choice sheet by Monday 12 March, following which they will have a 1:1 interview with their SfP teacher to discuss chosen courses and recommended levels. Any changes made at this meeting will be communicated back to for you to discuss and agree with your child.

Course choices may also be reviewed in August post-SQA certification.  

Tynecastle High will again be running a Study Support Programme during the Easter holidays. Look out for this Programme on our school website, and please encourage your son/daughter to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

Thank you for working in partnership with us to make your son/daughter’s learning as successful as possible.  If you have any further questions about any of these items of information, or any other aspect of your son/daughter’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact his/her Support for Pupils teacher:

Braemar – Ms Louise Moultray
Dunvegan – Mr Ross Rahimian
Tantallon – Mr Oliver Cook
Support for Learning – Mrs Roni Cheung

Yours faithfully

Mrs Angela Bell
Depute Headteacher