Prelim Information 2015

Prelim Information PicThe Prelim exams allow us all to learn more about how to prepare as well as possible for the SQA exam diet which begins at the end of April.

Please tap here to see the Prelim Information on arrangements for the S4, 5, 6 Prelims 2015 starting on Monday 9 February (Nat 5) & Tuesday 24 February (Higher and Advanced Higher).

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2015 Science Trip to Florida

October 2015 will see Tynecastle High School students embark on a Science Trip to Florida. Students have already signed up for this year’s trip – the second time that the school has given students the opportunity to experience a tailor made educational experience exploring marine and ocean sciences, ecology, physics, technology and space sciences. The trip includes:

  • A visit to the Kennedy Space Centre for a day of hands on mission simulations and space exploration activities designed to prepare for space flight. Students will have the chance to ride the multi axis trainer and 1/6 gravity chair before taking part in a mock shuttle launch
  • A day of behind the scenes adventures at Universal Studios –learning about how the amazing rides are created through a mixture of engineering and special effects.
  • “Saving Our Seas” workshop at Sea World. Students will hear from marine experts about SeaWorld’s efforts to preserve and protect the many species that share our planet. They will investigate the challenges facing a wide diversity of marine life.
  • Participate in the Busch Gardens’ Wildlife Medics Program where students will get up close and personal with a look into veterinary medicine. From curing illnesses to new animal births, the daily experiences of veterinarians are challenging and rewarding. Whilst here they will also look at a global conservation project being run in conjunction with the National Geographic Society and get the opportunity to hand feed the animal ambassadors that live on the Serengeti Plain habitat.

For further information please contact Miss Moyes.

Prelim Exams 2015

Prelim exams are just round the corner, with National 5 exams beginning Monday 9 February, and Higher and Advanced Higher exams on Tuesday 24 February.

Please note that all students will be in school at all times, ie there is no exam leave for any group of students. Timetables for both exam weeks are available on our website –

National 5 Prelim Timetable 2015

Higher and Advanced Higher Prelim Timetable 2015

Any questions, please just ask.
Mrs Bell