Positive News from Council Student Survey

Green Tick IconGood News!
The City of Edinburgh recently published findings of a student survey conducted across Edinburgh schools.  Over 200 of our students took part in the survey, and there are some excellent messages for us to share. Here is ‘a Tynecastle Top Ten’!

1.       89% of our students feel that Tynecastle is helping them become more confident

2.       89% of our students feel that Tynecastle makes a positive difference to their lives

3.       90% of our students enjoy learning at Tynecastle

4.       92% of our students say they get help when they need it

5.       92% of our students feel that staff treat them with fairness and respect

6.       95% of our students feel they are getting on well with their schoolwork

7.       95% of our students report that staff encourage them to do their best

8.       96% of our students say that staff expect them to take responsibility for their own work in class

9.       97% of our students expect to get a job, college, training or university place when they leave school

10.   100% of our students feel they have opportunities to use creativity in their learning

Students, staff and parents should feel very proud of these findings; we will of course continue to work hard towards achieving even greater ‘student satisfaction’.

If you would like to know more about the survey, please contact the school.