Exam Leave Arrangements 2016

Today saw the last day with many of our senior students who are now on exam leave. We wish them all the best with their exams – remember there is lots of information to help you in the Study Skills and SQA sections of our website.

For our senior students who are in school during this time or for part of this time, having already completed National 4 courses, we are delighted to begin our Meaningful May programme running throughout May and into the first week of June. The theme of Meaningful May is ‘Skills for Life, Learning and Work’. Senior students who should be attending Meaningful May have this written on their timetable. The programme starts at 9.30am on Tuesday the 3rd of May. Students should arrive to be ready for 9.30am, full school uniform and iPads ready. We have organised an incredibly varied and exciting programme, with a number of outside organisations, both local and national, coming in to support our students with the first week is focussed on digital learning skills and health and wellbeing. Most days will run from 9.30am – 2.30pm. Details of the timings for each day will be shared with students in advance.

We said goodbye to our S6 students this morning and wish them all the very best for their exams – we’ll see you all again at the Leavers’ Ball in June!

Raising Awareness of Child Poverty

Dear Parent/Carer,

The 1 in 5 project aims to raise awareness and improve the lives of the 20% of children living in poverty across Edinburgh. As part of this work a range of training sessions, focus groups and activities have taken place with over 1000 staff, pupils, parents and carers which helped to generate a number of practical ideas and suggestions as to how we can better support children and their families and work to reduce the costs of the school day.

Top Tips for SchoolsThese ‘top tips’ were launched at a recent Child Poverty conference in March and I thought it was a worthwhile document to share with you all.  I attended this extremely worthwhile training and a number of our staff will be attending the follow up training later this term due to our commitment to this work. The Top Tips are about small changes making a big difference. To view the document please click here. 

If you have any feedback or ideas regarding this project please get in touch with either myself or the chair of our Parent Council, Sue McKendrick, at TynecastlePC@mckendrick-family.uk.

Yours sincerely

Hazel Kinnear
Head Teacher

Tynecastle Staff in Basketball Triumph

teams bballThe annual Tynecastle Students v Staff basketball game took place after school today – the staff winning for the first time, ever. Final score: students 57, staff 58! Well done to all the students and staff who took part, thanks to those who organised the game and to all the students and staff who cheered on the teams! Thanks also to the Craigmount staff who made appearances on court! #teamwork