Raising Teens With Confidence

feet-349687_1280The teenage years can often feel like being on a rollercoaster for parents and carers and young people – plenty of highs, lows and uncertainty about what might be round the corner! The many physical, emotional and behaviour changes that occur means that adolescence can be a time of vulnerability as well as a time of great opportunity for young people.

Raising Teens with Confidence aims to give parents and carers of students at Tynecastle time to explore how they can best support their teenage children to navigate increasing independence and develop confidence, security and resilience, as well promote emotional wellbeing in themselves.

The course will be held at Tynecastle High School on Monday evenings for 6 weeks from 6-8pm starting on 26th October. Please see the form in the link below for more information and details on how to apply.

Raising Teens With Confidence course invite