Building resilience – how can parents and carers help?

Building resilience during the tricky teenage years

Life often throws challenges our way. It could be the death of a close family member or friend, a serious illness, the loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship. ‘Resilience’ means our ability to cope with these events.

Parents and carers play a vital role in helping to prepare children for the difficult times that life brings — but we know that supporting young people through life’s up and downs isn’t always easy! Taking care of ourselves and knowing when to ask for help are key to offering good quality support to our children.

Support Sessions 2016
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If you’re worried that something has changed with your child, talk to your GP or someone at school. There is also great advice available for parents online, for instance on
MindEd and MoodJuice.
ParentLine Scotland offer free helpline, email and web-chat services too.

Every child and family’s circumstances are different, but you can follow this link to find some simple tips that we hope you may find helpful in building your child’s resilience.