Day 4 of Learning @ Home

Dear all,

I hope that you continue to be well as we make our way towards the end of the week.

Yesterday we opened as a Hub School for the children of Key Worker staff. This will continue today with this service being extended to students from other schools from Friday. As you would imagine, our staff have risen to this challenge and are very keen to provide all the support they can. I am hugely proud of the work that they are doing.

Tuesday also saw us facing a new communication from SQA regarding coursework. Again, staff and students have rallied to ensure that we have the best examples of work to support our estimates for students in these very challenging circumstances.

I was really pleased to see the addition of Quick Guides in the Learning @ Home: Guidance for Parents and Carers. Hopefully you will find these useful.

We are also currently adding to our Support for Everyone Learning @ Home button on the website. We are particularly pleased to be adding more resources and support for families for whom English is not their first language.

And we continue to think about feedback and celebrating success, with various ideas in the pipeline regarding how we can share some of the amazing work our young people have been doing, with your support of course. Watch this space!

Do take care, stay connected online, and most importantly, stay safe.

Ms Kinnear