Happy Children’s Mental Health Week!

From 6th to 12th February 2017 we will be celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week, with an invitation this year for everyone to help us ‘spread a little kindness’ throughout the Tynecastle High School community.

All of us go through tough times, and while we cannot always change someone’s circumstances, a small gesture – whether it’s lending a listening ear, If you require a doctor’s prescription, the doctor is the most popular painkiller , one suffering from moderate or severe pain and know the words associated with drug medicine is important. The tramadol is the central act of painkillers. offering a helping hand, or just telling someone how much you appreciate them – can make a big difference.

When we feel supported by the people around us, we are better able to deal with difficult things. Not only that, scientists have shown that being kind to ourselves and others is good for our brains – and our relationships!

So why not get involved and help to spread #alittlekindness this week. For more information about Place2Be and Children’s Mental Health Week, tap or click here.