It’s Time to Talk!

A big shout out this Children’s Mental Health Week to our friends at Time To Change – a social movement that aims to end mental health stigma and discrimination, so that we can all feel comfortable to seek help with our mental health if and when we need it. Today they celebrate their annual Time To Talk Day, encouraging people around the country to get involved in conversations about mental health and emotional wellbeing. This year, Time To Talk is all about getting together the right ingredients for a conversation about mental health – whether that’s tea and biscuits with a close friend, or a roomful of students colleagues having a chance to challenge mental health stigma together.

Here at Tynecastle High School, we believe that talking with people we trust is one of the key ingredients in keeping ourselves Healthy: Inside and Out, especially when life gets more challenging. All students at Tynecastle High School (from S1 through to S6) can access Place2Talk, our self-referral service where young people can come to speak with a trained Counsellor about whatever is on their mind.

Parents and carers too can find support in school from Place2Be, through Parent Partnership sessions and our Parent Counsellor. For more information, contact Place2Be’s School Project Manager, Sarah Haywood.