Measles Awareness June 2018

NHS Lothian have written to all schools asking us to help raise awareness of recent measles cases in Europe. Measles cases continue to increase in EU/EEA countries with more countries experiencing outbreaks of the disease.

To read the advice from NHS Lothian please click here.

The Director for European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Andrea Ammon, says,”Measles outbreaks are still occurring in a number of EU countries. This fact makes it more important than ever for people to get vaccinated with two doses of a measles-containing vaccine to protect themselves and their families before the holiday season.”

Two doses of MMR are 95% effective in preventing measles. NHS Lothian is writing to parents (at their home address) of all secondary school pupils who, according to their data, have not had MMR. They are inviting those pupils to community clinics during the early summer. It also gives parents the opportunity to update their data. MMR can also be obtained from GPs. NHS Lothian advise parents to make appointments in good time before travelling to Europe on holiday.