Message for S6.

Dear S6,

Returning your iPad

As you will know, we are desperately trying to ensure that all our students and their families have access to a device so that they can continue with their learning at home. The council are trying to help schools with this but this is taking longer than expected. Therefore, we are looking for your help. Normally you would return your iPad after your last exam but of course that has all changed this year. What we are asking you to do, where it is safe and fits in with your daily exercise, is to return your iPad this week to the BMC Club on a Thursday between 9am and 1pm or a Friday between 12pm and 2pm. This is so that your iPad can be given to a younger student who currently has no device for Learning@Home. Please note that this is only if you can do so safely on foot or bike and while maintaining social distancing at all times. If you would prefer that a member of your family do this instead that is absolutely fine so long as it fits with current guidance on keeping safe. If you would like to arrange for someone to collect it from outside your door then please email and we will try to arrange this while out delivering food and other essentials within our community.

Thank you for your help in this matter.