Message from the Head Teacher

Dear all,

Well, we have made it. I would like to start by thanking you all for your hard work and support. This has not been easy for anybody and only by working together – parents/carers, students and teachers- have we been able to create the best possible Learning@Home experience for our young people. I would also like to say a big thank you to the parents/carers who have sent messages of support and thanks. These have been hugely appreciated and have had a big impact on our morale, so thank you for taking the time to do this.


School Front

Since I was last in touch, we have been working hard to provide a virtual and actual Transition Programme for our Primary 7 students. It is a huge thank you to Ricky Karoyan, our Active Schools Coordinator, for the Virtual Fun Day last week. I know that the Primary 7 pupils had a great time and it was lovely to see what was going on. It is also a huge thank you to the extended Pupil Support Team for both the Move On programme, providing online transition for all Primary 7 pupils, and for the Enhanced programme which ran in school the last two Thursdays. Do please note that a Pupil Support film and a Parents’ Transition Evening film can be found on our P7 – S1 Transition Information webpage for anyone who has not yet accessed these.


We were delighted to be able to issue Positive Praise messages to a large number of students over the last week. Over 900 messages were sent so we hope that you realise how much all the hard work and effort made has been appreciated. Added to this, Pupil Support and volunteers, delivered rewards to 80 students yesterday afternoon to say well done. These awards would normally have involved a trip of some sort but we really hope that the alternative rewards were appreciated.


There is always so much to praise in school but I would like to take this opportunity to say a special congratulations to two of our S6 students. On Thursday evening, Kayla Ramage was awarded the Paolozzi Prize for Overcoming Barriers. We are so proud of her and her incredible work – well done, Kayla. Another young woman who deserves all of our congratulations is Kelly Zheng. Yesterday I was able to share with Kelly that she is to be own Dux this year. This is a massive achievement and we so look forward to formally recognising this, sharing it with our school community, and celebrating Kelly’s success.

Health and Wellbeing

As we head into the summer, I am aware that we have all been through an incredible amount of additional work and pressure whatever our circumstances. I would just like to remind you that @THS_Wellbeing, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Lessons and our website hold a lot of supportive and helpful advice and resources. Please do not forget that these supports are available and that taking care of ourselves is just as important when the school term is over.

Farewell to Staff

Today we are saying farewell to a number of staff and I would like to take this opportunity on your behalf to thank them for everything that they have given to our school community, and especially through this very challenging time. We say farewell to Ms Alisha Malcolm and Mr Jack Stringer, both Pupil Support Assistants, who go off to train as teachers. We know that this is an excellent career choice for both and they will become very valuable additions to the profession. We also say farewell to our probationer teachers, Mr O’Connor, Ms McClintok, Mr Jaggs and Ms Cridland. They have been fabulous additions to our school and to the Hub during lockdown and we wish the all the very best in their future posts. We say farewell to Mr McRobert, who has been a great addition to our school community while Ms Taylor was on maternity leave and we wish him every success in his new post at Bertha Park. We also say a final farewell to Mrs Robertson who have been with us for several years, in a number of roles, but who is responsible for leading our digital strategy and ensuring that we are in such a fantastic place for Blended Learning should the need arise. And lastly, farewell to Sarah Haywood, Place2Be Manager, who I know so many families are sad to see leave. We must wish her all the very best in her new post at the university though and know that the service she has embedded in our school will continue and we thank her for making sure that this is the case.

Returning in August

And so to our return in August. A long way off I hear you say and hopefully lots of rest and recovery for everyone before then. I hope also that the proposed easing of restrictions over the summer take place and that you and your friends and family are able to enjoy time together. If all goes to plan we will be welcoming students back on Wednesday 12 August but do check out both the council and school websites closer to the time just to check for the exact arrangements for return.

Until then, as always, please do take care, stay connected, and most importantly, stay safe.

Ms Kinnear

Hazel Kinnear