Message from the Head Teacher

Dear all,

As the week draws to a close once more, I hope that you have had a good one. Having some lovely weather again has certainly improved my mood and hopefully yours too. I hope also that you managed to view our Health and Wellbeing video, letting you know how much we miss you all. With the statement yesterday from the First Minister at least we now have a timeline to work towards, which I believe will help us all as uncertainty is very challenging. We may have to wait longer to have you back in school but we can now begin to make plans for the period until then, to ensure that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

SQA Matters

This week we have been quality assuring the estimates to be submitted to the SQA by the end of the month. We have put in place a very rigorous, system for this, using all the advice from the SQA and the local authority to ensure the best possible data set. Next week will see us work on submitting this data.

Senior Phase Learning

From Monday our S4 and S5 learners will begin to move onto the next stage of learning, with S4 becoming S5 and S5 becoming S6. Not all courses will be up and running from Monday but staff will invite students to join their classes, whether through Teams or iTunesU during the course of the week. As always, there will be some re-coursing to be done and our Pupil Support Leaders will be able to assist with this. Do remember that we are moving up a year a week earlier than normal so please take time to get set up and to adjust.


One of the things which has made me saddest during lockdown is the fact that we have not been able to say a proper farewell to our students who are leaving. Although S6 managed, very successfully, to pull together a film for their last day, we have not had the opportunity to give the proper gravitas to proceedings. Therefore, as well as inviting them back for a proper celebration later in the year, we are also putting together a virtual farewell. Please do look out for more information regarding this.

And so, it is farewell from me for this week. I hope that you have a restful and enjoyable weekend and that you and your family continue to keep well.

Take care, stay connected, and most importantly, stay safe.

Ms Hazel Kinnear