Message from the Head Teacher

THS Learning@Home

Dear all,

As we come to the end of this strange, short week I just wanted to highlight what we are working on with regard to Teams and Learning@Home for S1 and S2. As of Monday 11 May all S1 and S2 students will migrate to Microsoft Office Teams for their learning. Please do not worry though as we have built in a couple of days for them to get used to this system, we will be sharing useful support information with students and parents/carers, and we will be available to deal with any issues should they arise. As a reminder, we are moving to Teams for S1 and S2 because it will help with the following:

  • Students receiving their work
  • Students being able to ask questions about their work
  • Students being able to interact with discussions
  • Students being able to complete assignments
  • Students being able to receive feedback from their teachers

But don’t worry – the handy one page timetable on our website will still be a key feature!

For S3 to S6 we will continue to use a variety of learning platforms because these are well established and supported by our 1:1 strategy. We are also working on issuing devices to families where there is a gap, following the audit conducted last week. We are liaising with CEC to find solutions to this and thank you for your patience.

It is very strange to be ending the week on a Thursday but I am sure that you are all very much in need of the extra day to rest and re-charge your batteries. I hope that you have the opportunity to spend some virtual time with family and friends, to get outside in this warm weather and to step away from the devices which are now taking up so much of our days.

So, take care, stay connected and most importantly stay safe.

See you (virtually) on Monday.

Ms Kinnear