Message from the Head Teacher

Dear all,

I hope that you managed to enjoy some rest time over the weekend despite the rather inclement weather. Luckily, we now seem to be back on track with a week of lovely weather to look forward to.

Scottish Government Information, Plans & Preparation

The importance of this week lies very much in the plans shared by the Scottish Government last week and the possibility that we will begin Phase 1 on Thursday if all goes well. Just in case you have not had a chance to look at the plans in full, they can be found:

What this means for us is that teachers will return to school in June, although no details regarding this are yet available, and students will return on 11 August. This difference in timing should provide sufficient time for our staff to plan what will be a new type of blended learning for August, with time both in school and at home for our young people. I hope that, as in our household, the Scottish Government sharing their plans has meant that some of the stress associated with uncertainty has been removed.

I can assure you that once we are in school, date in June currently unknown, we will endeavour to plan for the best possible return to meet the needs of our young people and their families

New Timetable for Senior Phase Students begins this Week.

From today our S4 and S5 learners will begin to move onto the next stage of learning, with S4 becoming S5 and S5 becoming S6. Not all courses will be up and running from today but staff will invite students to join their classes, whether through Teams or iTunesU during the course of this week. Please be checking your school emails every day so that you can join your new virtual class.

As always, there will be some re-coursing to be done and our Pupil Support Leaders will be able to assist with this. Do remember that we are moving up a year a week earlier than normal so please take time to get set up and to adjust.

I hope that this week is a good one and I hope to be able to update you further on Friday when the Scottish Government have finalised their plans for Phase 1.

Until then, do take care, stay connected and stay safe.

Ms Kinnear