Senior Phase Prelim Arrangements 2017

Arrangements for S4, 5, 6 Prelims beginning Wednesday 11 January

  1. 100% attendance is expected for all students all week (i.e. either in an exam or in usual classes)
  2. Mobile phones and similar devices are not allowed in the exam hall; these should be left at home or in lockers, or be handed in before exams to School Support Assistants
  3. Students must come to school with all necessary stationery, including calculators if required
  4. Students should assemble in the Atrium seating area at the start time stated (a member of staff will be present)
  5. For those sitting exams, registration will take place by students signing in on lists held at the School Support Assistants’ desk
  6. Students must remain in hall/class for the entire duration of each exam
  7. Students should return to classes promptly when exams are completed (except of course if exams end at Break, Lunch or Home time)
  8. All students should come to school every day prepared to:
    1. Sit exams
    2. Study for upcoming exams or work purposefully (when all exams have been sat), though no new class work will be taught while some students are still sitting other prelims
  9. It is vital that parents/carers contact school promptly should any student be unwell and so unable to attend school to sit exams; any prelim exams missed will be sat at the earliest convenient date

The Prelim exams allow us all to learn more about how to prepare as well as possible for the SQA exam diet which begins at the end of April…  GOOD LUCK!