Spring Newsletter 2016

The Spring 2016 edition of our Newsletter is now available! Read about what’s been happening in school along with the Head Teacher’s letter, faculty news and lots of other useful information.
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Letter from Hazel Kinnear, Head Teacher…

Dear Parents, Carers and the Wider Tynecastle Community,

We had hoped to have our newsletter to you earlier this term but due to the huge number of positive events taking place we postponed to ensure that we could capture as many of these as possible. We are now considering a monthly newsletter rather than a termly one and we would really appreciate your thoughts on whether this is something you would welcome.

Last term the main focus of our time has been on preparing young people for SQA assessments and examinations, with a comprehensive range of lunchtime and after school revision classes as well as our Mentoring programme to ensure that our students achieve what they are capable of. It was wonderful to see so many of them also attend our Easter revision programme and make the most of this additional opportunity.

As I said, the number of highlights last term have been unprecedented, with events ranging from our Annual Burns Supper to our Celebration of Sporting Achievements. Young people have been successful in a huge variety of ways as you will see, with several young people winning prizes outside school too. Other highlights have included the introduction of our new Genius Bar, the development of Debate Mate, and the Polar Expedition, which took place over the Easter break.

It has been really good to have the opportunity to meet so many of you over the course of the term at events and celebrations, as well as Parents’ Nights and our newly established Senior Phase Information Evening. Your feedback is very important to us and both our questionnaires have been overwhelmingly positive but have also given us some areas to develop. We will be o ering further opportunities this term to ensure that you have your say in our planning for the school next session.

This term we are also very much looking forward to seeing you at our Celebration of Achievement and our new Performance Showcase event. There will be much to share and celebrate but we will of course be very much focussing on ensuring the best possible qualifications are achieved by all our students too.

I hope that you enjoy reading about these selected highlights from last term and I look forward to working with you closely this term as I come to the end of my rst year.

Hazel Kinnear
Head Teacher

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