The end of Week 1 – Learning @ Home

Dear all,

I can’t quite believe that it has only been a week as so much has happened. I think that having made it to this stage the most important thing to do is to express gratitude to everyone for all that you have done and all that has been achieved.

I think that this is an opportune time also to remind ourselves how difficult this all is and just how fantastically our young people are doing by coping with it all. There is a lot to deal with and taking care of our physical and mental health have to come before anything else. Getting up in the morning, talking about their feelings, taking time to do family activities, are all just as important as school work. I think that we are super keen to make sure that we provide enough work but please feel free to adjust the pace for your child. You know what is best for them and we want them to be well and to take care above all else. Do remember to look at our support sections on the website for ideas to help with this.

It will not be a normal weekend but hopefully everyone can switch off a little, focus on physical activity and supporting each other, as well as doing whatever helps with your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Do take care, stay connected online, and most importantly stay safe.

Ms Kinnear