Tynecastle’s Intrepid Explorers!

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 19.33.43What have Captain Scott, Chloe Hogg and Sara Michno got in common? The answer is exciting – they are all intrepid explorers taking on some of Earth’s coldest and least explored habitats. Next Easter students from Edinburgh, including Tynecastle’s very own Chloe and Sara, will be embarking on a two week trek across the Arctic with The Polar Academy. The Academy’s motto is “inspiration through exploration” and the students will take on the challenge of a life time – proving that Edinburgh’s students can achieve anything.

The Expedition Team will include ten carefully selected students, a team of experts and our very own Biology teacher Mrs Clarke. They will be camping under the Northern Lights in Greenland; traversing across sea ice; experiencing temperatures below -20°C; skiing for 8 hours a day; hauling 45kg sledges; communicating with local Inuit hunting groups; and conducting scientific research for the European Space Agency.

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Supporting the Expedition Team over the next seven months will be the Leadership Team which includes another ten Edinburgh students, including Tynecastle’s own Rebecca Alexander. They will be taking part in the intensive training program and gaining all the skills required to take on the expedition.

The team has already had exposure in local and national news! You can read the stories here: on the BBC website; in the Evening News; on the TISO blog.

Mrs Sam Clarke

The expedition will be tough but it will be life changing. The project will show Edinburgh’s young adults that they can achieve anything with enough hard work, preparation and belief and on their return Sara and Chloe will shae their story in schools across Edinburgh to help inspire others to realise their goals.

Mrs Sam Clarke