Welcome Back – Learning @ Home

Dear all,

Firstly, can I just say that I hope you managed to have some rest over the holiday period. Hopefully you had extra sleep and rest, walks and exercise, and time for hobbies like cooking and reading. However, I am very aware that many of you are also dealing with the many challenges thrown up at this time whether health, family or financial. What I hope is that we can as a school community help each other to alleviate some of the issues which so many are facing. Please do remember to access the support areas on our website and send us feedback too.

For the summer term there have been some changes to our provision. THS is no longer a Hub school as CEC has reduced and rationalised the number of Hubs across the city based on holiday provision. However, our staff are still volunteering to provide care for the children of keyworkers and are now based at the JGHS Hub. We will be one of 15 schools providing support for this Hub as of Tuesday 21 April.

Another change is that now we have returned to Learning@Home we are focusing on 3 main priorities:

  1. Working with the SQA and our local authority to ensure that we provide the best possible data set for our young people.
  2. Ensuring that all young people register with us each day on the Learning @ Home web page so that we know where to target additional support.
  3. Work on ensuring Microsoft Teams is the format used for the majority of S1 and S2 lessons to standardise provision and make it easier to provide feedback to our learners.

I believe that with your support we can achieve all of this and look forward to working together, despite the difficult circumstances, to provide the best possible learning experience for all our students.

Take care, stay connected but most importantly stay safe.

Ms Kinnear