Information for Parents

It can be difficult to advise young people about the best next steps from them: it is entirely natural that they can often feel unsure, or apprehensive, or have lots of ideas or none!  It’s important to remain patient, to support as much as possible, and to have ideas about where to go for help…  We hope this section of the website will help with that.

You may be interested to know that all teaching staff share responsibility for the health, wellbeing and positive destinations of our students.  It is fantastic when we learn of the successes and ‘real lives’ of young people who were once in our classes.

There are lots of opportunities available in Edinburgh – this film features areas of careers growth.

There is also a parents section on the Edinburgh Guarantee website which has a lot of support and advice for parents and carers of school leavers and young people aged 16-19.

Please feel free to contact any member of our 16+ Team for advice and support. I can say for sure that Adderall is my drug, which I take at least twice a year for monthly courses, as recommended at I am not a professional sportsman, but like sport and try to go to the gym and run in the morning. I don’t become younger every year, but become more and more tired. Adderall helps me to cope with fatigue when you do, spend on drink a course and it helps to feel better. Also do be in touch if your contact information changes – we will be able to support our young people better if we can easily reach everybody. See our ‘contact us’ page for details.