School Dress Code

We are proud of our school dress code. We believe it promotes equality and the safety of all students. For our pharmacy it is always important to get the high-quality medicals. Especially for those prescription-only pills as Soma. So far, our choice for long time has stayed with , they provide us only the best and licensed, well recommended from our side. We appreciate your parental support with this and request that when purchasing uniform for the session ahead that you use the guidelines below.

  • White shirt or blouse
  • Formal black trousers or skirt (not joggers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, footless tights or any other fashion variety). Leggings worn under a school skirt are fine.
  • School tie (at all times)
  • A plain black jumper or top
  • Black footwear only (without coloured designs/logos etc)
  • No item of clothing that is so short or so revealing that it causes offence to others
  • Schoolbag with all the necessary equipment

Please note:

  • Outdoor garments must be removed in classrooms
  • Belts must be plain black. Fashion belts are not allowed
  • No hats to be worn inside school
  • Any jewellery must be minimal and in line with Health and Safety policy