Digital Learning

The use of ICT to enhance learning is embedded in the curriculum at Tynecastle and we look to innovate our practice wherever possible.

In S1 and S2 students have the opportunity to use a variety of technologies to access information, create materials using text, images and video and communicate their experiences and ideas in creative and engaging ways. Beyond the school day our students can continue to access school information and communicate with staff using online resources such as Office 365 and Edmodo.

Learning with iPad1:1 Digital Learning
From S3 onwards each student is given an iPad to support their learning. This enables our students to use technology to enhance their learning by having access to the most up to date information available online, access to bespoke resources created by our staff and the ability to create their own content to demonstrate their learning across all subject areas. Students can easily share work with staff and have access to resources whenever they are required.

Tap here to watch the BBC Scotland news item on our iPad programme
(Programme aired July 2014)

Throughout the school we make use of resources such as Edmodo, Showbie and iTunes U, enabling us to deliver a personalised learning experience to each of our students. The iPad also allows our students to engage in conversations at home about their learning, showing parents and carers what has been happening in school and the materials that they are using and work they are creating.

In June we ran a Digital Classroom for parents and carers. We will be doing more of these activities so look out for information on our website…

Digital Classroom Open Afternoon 2016

Please contact us if you would like further information about any of our digital learning initiatives.