Girls Basketball Success

Congratulations to our Open Girls Basketball team who won the basketballscotland Open Girls Plate on Tuesday 13th March against George Heriots. Progressing this far in the competition was a first for both teams and in itself a great achievement for all. The final score was 45 : 20.

Girls Basketball Team 2018

The girls did amazingly well, working and communicating as a team putting everything they have learned in training sessions into practice. Listening to each other as well as their coach Tom Griffin they have each developed into more confident individuals and team players. They have worked hard this year to integrate new players and this has really paid off. They approached the final with the right attitude and they all played well and showed great respect to all other teams and officials throughout the competition. We are very proud of them.

Girls Basketball Winners

Wednesday Lunchtime Clubs 2016

Help look after our small animals like this one in the Small Animals Club
Help look after our small animals like this gerbil in our Caring for Small Animals club

At Tynecastle we run a programme of Wednesday lunchtime clubs offering a large and diverse range of opportunities for our students to take part in. They are a great way of meeting new people, learning and having fun together – which one will you join?

Find out more about what clubs are available on our website by following this link: Wednesday Lunchtime Club Information 2016/17