We are proud of the fact that many of our students are the
second or third generation of their family to attend Tynecastle.

We encourage all of our students to be proud of their school and
its long-standing reputation in the community.

We are delighted that large numbers of our students contribute to the community in many and varied ways.

Some examples are:

  • Our Delivery of Christmas parcels to the senior citizens and needy in the community
  • Our senior students help in local nursery and primary schools, quizzes for tutor group
  • Our School orchestra which plays at a number of functions outwith school
  • Fundraising events for our chosen charities, such as lunchtime concerts performed by local bands
  • We are keen to promote the idea of active citizenship amongst our students.
  • Students participating in the Community Involvement class will work towards the SQA accredited Personal Development Award.

We take pride in being a school which benefits from
having a significant number of students from diverse cultural
backgrounds with over 38 different nationalities and languages
represented in the school. This enriches our school and we seek
opportunities to celebrate this diversity.

We are also very committed to building further on our excellent
links with the Local Community and to utilising fully our
community wing partners as the hub of a wider “Learning