Home Learning Policy

The Power of Three

To achieve success, three key people must work well together:

  • the studentAlphabet picture
  • the teacher
  • the parent/carer

The Power of Three is the most important ingredient of success at school.

Students should:

  • Bring their student learning planner every day
  • Keep a careful note of what is required and when it is due
  • Plan ahead
  • Make time to do homework carefully and well – take advantage of any study opportunities offered in school
  • Look for help well when stuck or frustrated
  • Make sure that completed homework is handed in on or before the date due

Teachers should:

  • Set homework which is at the right level
  • Be aware of other pressures and responsibilities students may have
  • Present homework tasks appropriately
  • Allow sufficient time for all students to record the task in their student learning planner
  • Be realistic about deadlines
  • Check on homework done and give feedback
  • Give recognition and reward for effort and work well done

Parents/carers should:

  • Check the student learning planner on a regular basis
  • Ensure that students are making their best effort to complete homework
  • Talk with students about what is being learned and sign the planner once a week
  • Listen to worries and complaints and be patient
  • Get in touch with the school if there are concerns