Physical Education

The S1-3 broad general education is based on the principles of Curriculum for Excellence, and offers a natural progression to presentation at national 4 and 5 in 2014.

Our aim is to ensure that all students participate and understand the importance of Physical Activityas part of life long learning. The course offers a wide range of activities, allowing students elements of breadth and choice along with some compulsory elements, such as social dance. Students will participate in many sports under the following headings:

  • Possession Games
  • Striking & Fielding
  • Rebound Games
  • Athletic Activities
  • Creative & Aesthetic Activities

In S3 Students will select a ‘pathway’ of activities – suiting their personal interests – allowing them to work towards achieving outcomes and experiences as part of curriculum for excellence at CfE level 3/4.

S3 – Performance and Analysis
This is an opportunity for students with a genuine interest in improving performance to follow an introductory practical course delivered at CfE level 4.

Aims of course:
1. To develop movement skills & competencies in various activities in preparation for National 4 & 5
2. To develop cooperation and competition through a range of practical activities, individually and with others, in ways which make various demands on the performer
3. To identify and distinguish different abilities by evaluating and appreciating one’s performance and the performances of others
4. To enhance personal and social development by sharing ideas, communicating decisions and coming to terms with responses to various types of challenges

The course could be made up of the following components: Possession Games, Football/Hockey/ Basketball/ Volleyball, Striking & Fielding, Softball/Cricket, Rebound Games, Badminton/Table Tennis/Tennis, Athletic, Fitness –  Physical, Skill Related & Mental, Testing & Methods of Training, Athletics, Creative & Aesthetic, Gymnastics, Problem solving in games.

Using a variety of innovative teaching and learning methods with iPads and other handheld devices, students’ performances will be analysed and evaluated to support developing competence and capacity. (Practical skills will require video evidence for assessment purposes.)

Students will be required to document their performances through exstensive use of ICT such as iPads and other handheld devises. Students will be required to analyse and upload videos of their own performances, providing written evidence via Edmodo. This will be issued regularly to complement practical work in class.

Possible next level of study in S4-6:
Students will have the opportunity to continue with National 4 and National 5 qualifications in S4 with the possibility of progression to Higher and Sports Leaders in S5 /S6.

National 4 and 5
The National 4 & 5 courses act as a natural progression from the S3 ‘Performance & Analysis’ course and gives students the opportunity to develop, demonstrate and improve practical and performance skills in various physical activities across 5 curricular areas of sport. These are as follows: Possession Games, Football/Hockey/ Basketball/ Volleyball, Striking & Fielding, Softball/Cricket, Rebound Games, Badminton/Table Tennis/Tennis, Athletic, Fitness –  Physical, Skill Related & Mental, Testing & Methods of Training, Athletics, Creative & Aesthetic, Gymnastics, Problem solving in games

The Course also provides an opportunity to support the way that individual attitudes, values and behaviours are formed. By engaging in practical activities students can demonstrate initiative, decision making and problem solving. Students will also have the opportunity to develop team building skills and enhance their ability to compete, co-operate and collaborate.

The Course aims to enable pupils to:
1. Develop and demonstrate understanding of the principles and factors underpinning and impacting on physical performance, such as: Physical Competencies – Physical Fitness – Personal Qualities – Cognitive Skills
2. Explain factors which impact positively and negatively on engagement and performance in physical activities
3. Build capacity to enhance effective performance examine and analyse performance at National 5 / reflect on and monitor performance at National 4 / Access 3.

Course Content
Performance – Students will focus on enhancing their engagement and performance in at least TWO physical activities by analysing, embedding and developing elements of performance including skills application, applied fitness, performance awareness and performance composition. Furthermore, students will participate in 20 hours of ‘added value’ in which they will compete against other local high schools in a variety of different sporting events.

Factors Impacting on Performance – Students will explore factors which impact positively or negatively on their engagement and performance in physical activities. Pupils will examine and analyse the development of personal performance. There will be opportunities for personalisation and choice in selecting from a range of these factors.

Learning and teaching
Students will be taught through a variety of different teaching styles. In striving towards personal performance improvements students will often be taught in quite direct ways. At other times pupils will work individually and in small groups when analysing their performances in various forms. This form of teaching will be more geared towards students discovering, through guidance, the different requirements of various tasks.

Assessment Pattern
National 4 There are 3 Units which will be internally accessed and graded on a pass/fail basis: Performance; Factors Impacting on Performance; Added Value Unit – Practical Activity

National 5 To gain an award, students must pass all the Units as well as the Course assessment. The Units are as follows: Performance; Factors Impacting on Performance ;SQA will provide an external course assessment which will be graded.

Home Learning
Home learning is an integral and valuable feature of the course and as such all pupils will be expected to complete homework on a regular basis. Home learning will centre on completing tasks and studying course notes through a variety of ICT methods. Students will be expected to complete unit assessments through a variety of different media and also manage and keep up-to-date an online portfolio, documenting various aspects of their work in PE.

Possible Progression Routes
Pupils gaining National 4 could progress to National 5
Pupils gaining National 5 could progress to Higher

Senior Phase

Higher PE
In Higher PE candidates are required to extend and develop their performance in a minimum of two course activities. The course activities may vary from year to year but will reflect interests, expertise and sports facilities that are available.

Course Details
The most important requirements for the Higher PE course is an enthusiasm to be active and a determination to seek improvement in personal performance through focused study and serious practice. The assessment of personal performance and the planning and management of training to improve are important features of this course. The course helps t develop performance, performance appreciation and research skills.

To gain the award for this course, candidates must pass unit assessments (internal) and the external assessments. Assessment of ‘Performance’ (practical work) has a weighting of 40% of the overall course mark at Higher.  The end of course examinations will provide the balance of marks to provide overall course grades at each level.

Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership (S5 & S6 Students)
For information on the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership please click here

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership (S6 only)
For information on the Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership please click here

Compulsory Short Course – S5/6
Physical Education is a compulsory subject.  All Tynecastle students who have not elected for an SQA certificate course in Physical Education will follow this compulsory short course. A variety of opportunities to be involved in different practical activities will be offered both to stimulate interest and to encourage students to adopt an active lifestyle.  Some students will also be directed towards an ‘Activity Leadership’ course.

The Scottish Government is concerned about the fitness levels and inactivity of young people and about health problems that may emerge as a result in the future.  Regular exercise is vital to health.  This course offers 120 minutes of Physical Education each week.  This is a bare minimum designed to help contribute to personal fitness and to the enjoyment of activity.  The Scottish Government seeks to increase the amount of time young people have in Physical Education throughout their years at school.  A minimum of two hours of Physical Education every week is a national target for all students.

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