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Our Ethos
History prides itself on being inclusive and high achieving. Students are encouraged to engage in their learning actively and are set high expectations of behaviour.  We offer support to students at every level through targeted study support and one to one advice.  Through the study of History, students improve their communication skills and their ability to express themselves clearly with confidence. We aim to ensure that our students progress into the wider world with a sense of empathy and a desire to know more about who we are and where we came from.

History classroomMajor achievements 
History has enjoyed a great deal of success with a high up-take of courses in the senior school and a solid performance in examinations. We have an established Advanced Higher Course and many of our students go on to study History at University. This year the Faculty is running a WW1 centenary Residential Trip to the Battlefields based in Belgium.

The department uses a variety of teaching methodology and resources. Our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and ICT is embedded into the majority of pupil lessons. Staff and students make use of iPads in the classroom to enhance learning. A range of resources are utilised; from textbooks; department course notes; online materials; to multimedia visual aids. Lessons are constructed around collaborative and active learning techniques and where ever possible, learning is put into real life contexts. Our aim is to make the past come alive in our lessons!


Learning in S3 is centered around the Level Three and Four outcomes and experiences of the Broad General Curriculum. Assessments are embedded into the course and students get the chance to demonstrate their learning through a variety of challenges such as class debate, creative writing, information displays, decision making exercises and formal end of unit assessments.

The third year History course combines Scottish, British and World History through units of work along the themes of ‘Industry and Empire’, ‘The Growth of Democracy – Votes for Women’ and ‘International Conflict-World War One’. Along with the broad range of assessments they have experienced so far in History, students are introduced to more advanced levels of essay writing and source handling skills that will prepare them for the senior phase.

Students who choose to continue to study History will gain a National qualification in History through the study of three Units:

  • European and World: ‘Germany 1918-1939’ or ‘Free At Last? USA 1918-1968’
  • Britain: ‘Britain and the Atlantic Slave Trade 1770-1807’ or ‘The Making of Modern Britain’
  • Scotland: The Wars of Independence, 1286–1328

National 4 History is internally assessed and includes an Added Value unit which will take the form of a research project or extended writing.

National 5 History is a combination of internally assessed units, an assignment and a final exam.

Students build on the experience they gained from National History and develop advanced essay writing skills and source analysis.

Higher History involves the study of three units: European and World, Britain and a Scottish History Unit.

Assessment at this level comprises of end of Unit NABs, an extended essay and a final exam.

Advanced Higher
Students also have the opportunity to progress on to Advanced Higher History in S6 where they specialise in one particular field of study, complete a dissertation and sit a final exam.

History Qualifications Summarised by National Parent Forum of Scotland…
National 4 History
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