Kirsty Clarke

All students will participate in a Scottish country dancing block before Christmas, this will encourage students to listen and count in beats of 8 enhancing their knowledge and understanding of rhythm and music. It will also encourage them to work cooperatively with fellow students whilst enhancing their knowledge of Scottish culture.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a block of dancing which will look at different styles of dance. This will enhance their knowledge and understanding of different styles of dance from around the world. From this, students will begin to understand the process involved when choreographing a new dance piece and how to transfer this knowledge into a performance.

Department:  PE
Course Title:  Dance
Course Description: This new course will allow students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Dance through a range of styles and in doing so achieve the Experiences and Outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence at a level which is appropriate to their ability. They will gain experience in Choreography, Contemporary, Ethnic, Street, Jazz and Hip Hop. The course will run over three periods per week with one after school technique class at Tynecastle High School

This course aims to:
1. Develop your dance technique and performance skills in a range of styles.
2. Provide you with the skills and techniques to begin to choreograph a sequence or dance piece.
3. Enhance your understanding of how to look after and use your body in a safe dance environment.
4. Develop your leadership skills.
5. Establish teamwork through, pair, group and class activities.
6. Develop confidence through performance

Choose Dance if you:
•Would like to develop your skills and knowledge of Dance.
•Want to learn different Dance styles.
•Would like to be able to create your own pieces of Dance.
•Want to improve your fitness levels.
•Are keen and enthusiastic.
•Are able to work independently and/or part of a team.
•Can remember your kit (dance uniform will be required)
*Practical skills will require video evidence for assessment purposes*

Written and practical homework will be issued regularly to complement class work.  Pupils will also be required to attend as many professional dance performances that become available!

Possible next level of study in S4-6:
Students will have the opportunity to continue with SCQF Level 4 units and National 5 qualification in S4 with the possibility of progression to Higher in S5 /S6.

Students will be able to participate in dance through core PE which will encourage students to develop their confidence at choreographing and performing various styles of dance.

All students will be given the opportunity to perform their dances at a range of events throughout the year; including the annual Performance Showcase at Christmas and summer, school assemblies, Edinburgh Schools Dance Competition, local primaries, school fair and many more.

There are also extra-curricular dance clubs on throughout the year at Tynecastle High School. Please see Active Schools for more information.