Literacy across learning

Literacy across learning document
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The development of literacy skills plays an important role in all learning and all of our teachers have a responsibility to ensure that our students have the opportunity to develop and extend these skills across all subject areas.

To develop their literacy skills our students will have the opportunity to

  • communicate, collaborate and build relationships
  • reflect on and again explain their literacy and thinking skills, using feedback to improve and sensitively provide useful feedback for others
  • engage with and create a wide range of texts in different media, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT
  • develop their understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about their own and other cultures and their languages
  • explore the richness and diversity of language, how it can affect us and the wide range of ways in which themselves and others can be creative
  • extend and enrich their vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading.

More information can be found on the Literacy across learning part of the Curriculum for Excellence website.