Our 16+ Team

We are proud of our 16+ Team, and the great work they do with young people to make sure that they move from school to a ‘positive destination’.  Lots happens in this regard while students are on our school roll, but it’s important too to know that, even when students have left school, our 16+ Team are still there for young people, and are very keen to support and work with them.

Angela Bell

Mrs Angela Bell is Depute Headteacher with responsibility for Years 4, 5 and 6, including Positive Destinations.  She works closely with the school’s Support for Pupils staff to really get to know our students, and enjoys very much liaising with both school staff and our 16+ team to help find the best post-school destination for all our young people. Angela can be contacted at angela.bell@tynecastle.edin.sch.uk, or by telephone 0131 337 3488

First job: Newsagent Assistant
First full-time job: English Teacher

Louise Moultray

Ms Louise Moultray is a Support for Pupils Leader with responsibility for attending our in-school and some out of school 16+ meetings. Louise represents all school houses at the meetings and can be contacted at louise.moultray@tynecastle.edin.sch.uk, or by telephone 0131 337 3488

First job: Football coach with Hearts and working in Jean Scene
First full-time job: PE Teacher


Lyn Sutherland
Lyn Sutherland

Mrs Lyn Sutherland is our Careers Adviser, and she really enjoys working with students at Tynecastle. She is in school for interviews on a Monday & most Thursdays & holds a clinic for quick questions on a Monday lunchtime. At these times of the week, Lyn can be found in the School Library. Lyn can be contacted at lyn.sutherland@sds.co.uk, Tel: 0131 718 2175  or  0300 013 2128  Mobile: 07884116028 Tap here for more information on Skills Development Scotland

First job: School Uniform Shop
First full-time job: The Body Shop

Kirsty Dickson is also a Careers Adviser with SDS, and is Tynecastle High School’s Work Coach. Kirsty works with pupils who are leaving school and those who have left and are unemployed and would benefit from some support in finding work or training or a college place. She is in school for interviews one day per week. Kirsty can be contacted at kirsty.dickson@sds.co.uk, Tel: 0131 718 2194 Tap here for more information on Skills Development Scotland


Eilidh Christie
Eilidh Christie

Ms Eilidh Christie is also a Careers Adviser with SDS, and now sees students who leave Tynecastle at the Careers Centre at 79 Shandwick Place, at Slateford Green Community Centre, and also at Gate 55. If you are leaving or have left school and want help with getting in to work, training or education you can call 0131 718 2040 or 07884116610 to make an appointment or email eilidh.christie@sds.co.uk

First job: Waitress
First full-time job: Youth Hostel Assistant

Kyle Hamilton

Mr Kyle Hamilton is trainee with SDS, and offer support post-school. He specialises in using digital and social media skills to access employment and training. If you are leaving or have left school and want help with getting in to work, training or education you can call 0131 718 2040 or 07884116610 to make an appointment or email kyle.hamilton@sds.co.uk

First job: Loading sacks of grain in a farm store
First full-time job: Modern Apprenticeship in customer service for a bathroom showroom


Lin Baillie
Lin Baillie

Mrs Lin Baillie is a School Support Assistant at Tynecastle, and provides administrative and clerical support to our 16+ group. Lin can be contacted at lin.baillie@tynecastle.edin.sch.uk

First job: Delivering filled rolls to pubs
First full-time job: Admin Assistant for Lothian Health Board



Barry McGuigan

Mr Barry McGuigan works for City of Edinburgh Council on Activity Agreements, and can advise on potential courses and work experience.

First job: RBS Call Centre
First full-time job: ARCO Workwear Warehouse Person



Michelle Johnston
Michelle Johnston

Mrs Michelle Johnston is an Activity Agreement Advisor. An Activity Agreement is a programme of learning and activity to help young people move on to further education, training or employment on leaving school. The agreement can include volunteering, short courses, supported learning and practical work experience placements. Young people receive regular support and advice from an Activity Agreement Coach to help them to develop their skills, confidence and career prospects. They can also get help with transport, lunches and more. Young people who are eligible may be able to apply for an EMA payment of £30 per week.So if you are aged between 16 – 19 years old and think an Activity Agreement is right for you or if you would like more information contact: Michelle Johnston, Activity Agreement Worker, Dunedin Canmore Youth Projects, Email: michelle.johnston@ea.edin.sch.uk, Mob:  07823348558

First job: Pharmacy Assistant
First full-time job: Travel Agent at Thomas Cook

Irene Watt

Ms Irene Watt is the Education Welfare Officer for Tynecastle High School and our associated primaries. She works with school staff, parents and pupils to improve school attendance, promote inclusion and support families. Irene will work with pupils until their statutory school leaving date and support them to gain a positive destination. Irene can be contacted on 555 8430 or at irene.watt@ea.edin.sch.uk

Students, former students and parents should please contact any of us if we can help find that ‘right thing at the right time’.