Student Expectations by August


Dear Parent/Carer,

Please find attached a Student Expectations booklet to support you in supporting your child to complete the required work by August. We thought it would be helpful to you to have an overview of what they should have covered.

Please also note the following:

  • The booklet is for S3-6 who are feeling the pressure most and who have indicated that this would be useful.
  • It would be helpful to look at this booklet alongside the blank timetable (click here).
  • A copy of the booklet will also be emailed to your child and posted on each yeargroup’s Learning@Home webpage.
  • Teaching staff and Pupil Support Leaders are available only until term ends so please contact them, or ask your child to do so, if you have any questions or require any additional support.
  • We are aware that quite a lot of senior phase students have let their teachers know that they plan to work and/or catch up over the summer. We are very happy that this is the case and all teachers will accept work over the holidays. However, they will not be expected to provide feedback at this time. Please reassure your child that the work will be looked at on our return in August.
  • We are looking at this model of communication for our return, with a Student Expectation booklet being issued each term.

Thank you for your continued support.

DYW Summer Leavers Programme 2020

Did you leave school this summer? Are you looking for a job or apprenticeship? The DYW Skills Academy is for you.

Our ‘Get Industry Ready’ sessions give you the insight, skills and knowledge you need to build your industry readiness. You will learn at your own pace with weekly video content delivered by industry experts alongside bite sized e-learning and to top off the experience, if you are actively applying for jobs or apprenticeships there are additional experiences just for you.

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Developing the Young Workforce are excited to launch our first virtual Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Event Series!

Our Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Events are a series of four broadcasts running throughout the summer, which will allow parents, carers and guardians to hear about the things that matter to them right now.

The events will provide parents and carers with information about options and pathways for young people, including where they can go to make informed judgements to support their young person’s next steps.

With input from a range of experts covering topics such as exams, mental health, apprenticeships, skills development and pathways into industry, the events aim to provide a message of reassurance and optimism to parents and carers at this challenging time.

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Launching the E-DYW Digital Resource Hub

If you are a young person, educator, parent or carer, employer, or organisation you will find online support and resources to assist you in all aspects of the Developing the Young Workforce programme.

This is an evolving project and is designed to compliment the work of all stakeholders engaged in the DYW programme. Our initial bank of resources aims to support those in the senior phase and beyond but, we will expand these resources to aid stakeholders from early learning onwards, in the coming months.

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Free School Meals & Clothing Grants for 2020/21

Applications for Free School Meals and Clothing Grants for 2020/21 are not yet open.

The City of Edinburgh website will be updated and a message put on social media by the council when the application process is open. The applications aim to open within the next week. It is an online application form so does not need to be downloaded or printed off and proof of eligibility/benefit can be uploaded with the application form.

The website is