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Fiona McPhee

S1/2/3: General Course
S4/5/6: National 4, National 5, Higher

The Drama department offers pupils an opportunity to shine and excel. Drama holds a valuable place in the education of a person. In addition to teaching an appreciation of Theatre and the Dramatic Arts, it helps to develop the important life skills of communication, working with others, organisation and presentation. In Drama we aim to develop empathy and emotional maturity and give students the confidence which is necessary to achieve their potential.

Drama postersMajor Achievements
The Drama department has demonstrated an excellent standard of teaching and learning.  Our pupils leave our department not only with excellent exam results, but also with an increased self confidence and ability to work positively with others. A number of our pupils have used their drama skills to excel in local amateur theatre companies and have also gone on to work professionally within television and theatre.

In the Drama studio at Tynecastle, pupils have access to a large stage which can be moved about and re-arranged to suit each performance. A lighting rig and operating desk is used by pupils in order to enhance their performances. Costume, props and set are also accessed by pupils through large storage cupboards and mezzanine levels. Pupils are encouraged to explore all of these resources in order to support their learning.

We present pupils at National 4 and 5 and Higher levels. Pupils have experience of both performing and production at all presentation levels.

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National 4 Drama
National 5 Drama
Higher Drama

Extra Curricular Activities
The department is open every interval and lunchtime for supported study and extra rehearsals. Our after school theatre club means pupils can access live theatre at least once a month.