Modern Studies

Maisie Taylor

Advanced Higher Modern Studies
Advanced Higher Modern Studies investigates the Prison System in the UK and Criminal Theory. This course allows pupils to develop an in depth understanding of Crime and the Law in the UK.

Students will work on a dissertation (between 4000 – 5000 words). This dissertation will answer a question of their choosing. There will also be a SQA examination at the end of the course.

Higher Modern Studies 
Higher Modern Studies provides students with a sound knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. The course encourages them to explore social, economic and political issues in the UK and abroad.

What we Study:
Political Issues:
Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour
Decision Making in the UK

Social Issues:
Health and Wealth
Patterns and distribution of wealth and health inequalities and the consequences to society.
Government response to inequalities in health and wealth.

International Issues:
Identify different ethnic and population groups and their social, economic and political problems.
Study the extent of conflict and diversity and attempts to resolve such problems.
Also a study of the US Political Structure.

Throughout the year pupils will sit NABs. These NABs will be written assessments completed in:

  • November
  • February
  • April

After successful completion of all NABs, pupils will then sit a final SQA examination.

National 4/5 Modern Studies

National 4/5 Modern Studies builds on the learning from S3 and allows deeper investigation into the social, economic and political issues that impact our lives in the UK and further afield.

What we Study:
Crime and the Law
Investigating Crime in the UK and how the government tries to deal with this ever-present issue in society
Explore the Case Study of the Summer Riots of 2011
Democracy in Scotland – exploring how we can influence decision makers here in Scotland
Nuclear Threat – the final section we study looks at nuclear threat around the world and its impact on our lives.

At National 4/5 level there will be continuous unit assessments. Students sitting National 5 Modern Studies will sit an external end of year exam and complete the National 5 Assignment. Students sitting National 4 Modern Studies will sit an end of year exam and will need to pass their National 4 AVU Project.

S3 Modern Studies
S3 Modern Studies aims to offer pupils a Broad General Education and will focus on developing important Modern Studies skills As antibiotics at reduce the diversity of intestinal microbiota, children are at higher risk of developing chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CIBD), especially colitis.. We investigate the world in which we live exploring social, economic and political issues in the UK and abroad.

What we Study:
Social Issues
We study how Social Issues like smoking and obesity effect our lives in the UK.
The USA – we study the USA and explore this nation’s population make up and political structure.
Can Anyone Hear Me? This unit of work looks at how we can participate in a Democracy and the powers we have in electing decision makers
As part of the ‘Can Anyone Hear Me’ unit we also compare our rights and responsibilities with others around the world.

In S3 Modern Studies there will be a variety of assessment strategies in place. Pupils will be asked produce presentations, posters and debates on topics being taught. There will also be written assessments including reports and essays. The variety of different assessment strategies represents the variety of skills be developed in S3 Modern Studies.

Modern Studies Qualifications Summarised by National Parent Forum of Scotland…
National 4 Modern Studies
National 5 Modern Studies
Higher Modern Studies