Support for Pupils

Support for Pupils Photo
(L-R) Oliver Cook, Ross Rahimian, Jacquie Ramsay, Louise Moultray

The Support for Pupils team is committed to supporting young people throughout their learner journey. We recognise that celebrating success is as important to future success as equipping students with the skills and resilience to cope with challenges.

We believe that encouraging and supporting our student voice is the key to empowering students towards effective planning for success and managing challenge. We have an established support ethos that encourages students to access support early in order to help develop strategies that work for them.

We recognise that we are part of a team working to support the children in our care and we value the important role parents, carers and the wider family play in their education. We value this support and welcome any contact that would help us better meet the needs of our students.

SfP classroomOur Support for Pupils Team
Oliver Cook, Pupil Support Leader (Tantallon)
Louise Moultray, Pupil Support Leader (Braemar)
Ross Rahimian, Pupil Support Leader (Dunvegan)