Personal and Social Education

A well structured course of PSE begins in first year and continues to sixth year, developing and revisiting themes. These themes are devised to meet key aspects of a Curriculum for Excellence and develop our students to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

Themes covered are:
• Restorative Practice
• Taking responsibility for health and well being
• Planning for choices and changes
• Study skills
• Work Experience

In addition and on an on-going basis, lessons will include:
• Preparation of a Learner Statement and recording of achievements both in and out of the classroom as part of their student profile in their e-portfolio
• Reviews of tracking and full reports and monitoring of individual Learning Goals
• Reviews of learning interviews and coursing advice

PSE at Tynecastle is about helping students to make informed choices and take responsibility for themselves and others. The topic of sexual health is addressed in all years. Please contact your child’s Support for Students teacher if you wish to discuss our approach to this sensitive issue or indeed, any other.