S1 – S2 Learning @ Home


S1 and S2 Students will follow their normal timetable with work being provided through subject Teams on the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

S1 and S2 students will have a mixture of online and independent learning from Monday 22 February. All students should follow their normal timetable and will be informed through Teams when live lessons will occur. We are providing a 50% online learning model to ensure the balance recommended by the Scottish Government as well as ensuring that we keep within the 20 hours of Learning @ Home. Please note that Drama/Music Live lessons will take place during PE time.

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Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Office tools

Microsoft Office 365 learning tools

To access learning, all pupils should use the learning tools via Office 365. To access these, pupils can visit http://office365.edin.org in any browser on any web-enabled device and login with their school number and password. More information about digital learning access.

If a pupil has forgotten their login details they should contact admin@tynecastle.edin.sch.uk