Class of 2020 – Positive Destinations

A huge well done to our Summer 2020 leavers who worked so hard to achieve so much, and in such very challenging circumstances.   These young people have moved on to a wonderful range of Positive Destinations, including jobs, training, Modern Apprenticeships, Further Education and Higher Education.  Everyone at Tynecastle is extremely proud of these former students.

We are aware too that the world is still an uncertain and challenging place, and we all continue to experience situations that call for determination and resilience.  To our 2020 leavers who are in new jobs, training or courses, we say please do keep going and ‘dig in’ as much as you can, because you have already shown us how amazing you are.

Please know too, though, that we are here for you if challenges become too much to deal with on your own.  Any of your teachers in school will be pleased to hear from you, and our partners at Skills Development Scotland are highly skilled at listening, and helping you to continue in your job, training or studies, or to assist you in changing direction.

You can contact:

Everyone at Tynecastle wishes our 2020 Leavers every success both now and in the future.  We know you’ll continue to make us proud.

Mrs Bell