Murrayfield Wanderer’s Rugby Academy Reward Scheme Launched

There is a 2021 Commitment Reward Scheme launching for the Wandies Academy.

What does the Commitment Reward Scheme do?

The Scheme will be used as a platform for the players to engage with the ‘School of Rugby’ programme for the foreseeable future while providing a fantastic opportunity for the players to be rewarded for completing the actions designed by the coaches.

What in it for the players?

By completing the actions and objectives set out by our values-based programme, the players will earn and accumulate ‘points’. They can then choose to ‘exchange’ the points for ‘rewards’ such as gumshields, kit, tickets for Edinburgh Rugby games and many more rewards. (Please check the pdf attached above, we will be adding more to rewards and prize list in due course!)

What actions will my son be rewarded for?

Examples include attending training, assisting with coaching the Minis on a Sunday, bringing a friend to training and many more things, attending an online workshop. (Please check the above PDF for more info in regards to this).

As we are unable to do the majority of these things currently because of the lockdown and the virus, we are looking to start delivering the ‘School of Rugby’ and Wandies Academy programmes virtually.

What do we need from you?

We will be hosting a Wandies Academy Zoom Session at 13:30PM unitil 14:10 every Friday starting February 12th. However, in order for us to go ahead and offer the session we need interest from a minimum of 5 players. Players that attend these virtual sessions will be rewarded with ‘points’ to go towards their ‘rewards’. Players will also get an opportunity to accumulate ‘points’ by engaging with the social media challenges and workouts that we set.

Interested in our virtual Zoom Sessions and Commitment Reward Scheme

Please complete this form HERE. This will only take up a minute of your time. We will also require for you to sign the document attached above and ask for you to provide it to us at a later date once the lockdown has passed. In order for your son to participate in the scheme, they MUST have the Team App and be signed up to the ‘Wandies Academy’ on it with ‘notifications’ on. This ensures that we are able to communicate with them. If this is not possible, please let us know and we will find an alternative solution.

Does my son need a rugby ball for the virtual ZOOM sessions?

Ideally yes, if you don’t have a rugby ball please let us know in the online form, we will be able to lend you one over the lockdown period. We can deliver these to you at some poin this week.

We hope you share our excitement with this brilliant initiative and we look forward to your response and answering any questions that you may have.

Yours in Rugby,
Nathan & Marko