Professor Bryan Turner FMedSci FRS welcomes SNORE Pupils to ‘The UK Research Community’

What a performance by our pupil researchers at The Royal Society Student Conference in London last week!

Iain Williams (S5), Nida Afreen Patel (S5), Shreya Navaratna (S5), Jaiden John (S5), Reych Reyes (S4) and Fredrick Mekabe-Mpi (S4) presented their sleep research to peers and academics in a whole-day event, and as the organisers remarked, ‘Tynecastle High School has once again, hit the ball out of the park’.

Fantastic work, amazing presentation with mature and reflective engagement with Royal Society Fellows and academics.  The school glows with pride!

Watch this space as we embark on Snore II with a fresh team of young researchers!