Message from the Head Teacher

Dear all,

What a strange first week back from the ‘holidays’ as we all adjust to the new ‘normal’. However, as always, there are lots of positives and things to look out for. We did really well with our new online registration system, ensuring that as many of our young people as possible are engaging with us. It’s a huge thank you to Mr Bryce for getting this moving, to staff and parents/carers for encouraging our young people to do this and of course to our students for getting out of bed and remembering. I am sure that we can do even better, so please do keep helping us to get the numbers up day by day.

Another way in which you could really help us is by completing the questionnaire regarding digital access. The City of Edinburgh is really keen to help us highlight gaps so that we can then see if we can help families further with this. We will only know where our gaps are if you tell us so please do complete this very short questionnaire.

As you can imagine our staff have been working very hard engaging with the updates from the SQA this week and we are pleased that they are providing so much guidance and training for staff. This is a very detailed process over the next month but you can be reassured that we will be doing our very best.

As the sunshine continues into the weekend I hope that you have time to get out for some fresh air and exercise. Taking care of ourselves becomes more important as time passes and I particularly liked the tweet from our THS Mental Health & Wellbeing feed about taking time for yourself where possible. I always try to remind myself that we can only support others if we are taking care of ourselves. If you are not already following us on twitter please do because there is some really good stuff there for everybody.

So, take care, stay connected but most importantly, stay safe.

Ms Kinnear