Staff PhotoI’m delighted to welcome you to our school website. As Acting Head Teacher, it is my pleasure and privilege to work with students, parents, staff and our wider community in this busy summer term.

Feedback tells us that Tynecastle is a fantastic place to learn. Our School motto is Tynecastle CARES, with the letters standing for Challenge, Ambition, Respect, Enjoyment and Success. Visitors to the school soon pick up on our friendly, can-do ethos. Above all we are an inclusive school which places young people at the heart of learning. Our size, under 600, also allows us to know our students really well, and ensure that needs are met. This is a feature our departing S6 wanted me to share with you; that they all felt really connected to their school. They also really valued the resilience and life-experience gained in attending a socially diverse school. The life-skills gained from this are just as important in the future work-place as the academic qualifications they have gained. We are also culturally diverse. Almost forty languages are spoken, giving us the linguistic capacity to communicate with over four billion global citizens!

We are particularly proud of the range of student achievements and destinations, and in recent years we compare very favourably with other schools. Students take up university (including Oxford) and college places, vocational training, and a wide range of apprenticeships. Of course, this is only possible as a result of the commitment of our dynamic staff. They are really committed to excellence in learning and we are in the forefront of innovative developments. For example, in session 2014-15 four year-groups will have school iPads. Students also benefit from a wide range of clubs, trips and activities. On Wednesday lunchtimes most of our staff volunteer their support for a rich mix of clubs for all ages, and in the last year students and staff have visited South America (World Challenge), Florida (Science trip), France (S1-2 cultural) and most recently Belgium (Battlefields).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out more. Enjoy our website.


Angela Bell
Acting Head Teacher